Thursday, September 29, 2011

Zekes Fall Photo Shoot

                  Today is such a pretty day that me and Zeke decided to have a photo shoot! 

 This is Zeke's bed that he sleeps in inside the house. We thought it would be cute to take it outside for a little fun! (It was all his idea. I just agreed to it! :)

Hmm! Mums smell nice!

                               He thought this would make  a cute pose!

Pretending to watch a bird fly by!


Okay Mom, I'm getting a little bored with this!

Happy Thursday from Zeke the Wonderdog!


afogg said...

Look at my ZEKE!!!!! He is such a cutie!!!! Someone needs to rub his belly :-)

Lynn said...

OMG!! What a cutie! I love the ideal of putting his bed in the suitcase! Such a neat ideal! I share my home with 4 yes count them four spoilt rotten doxies. We had five but our oldest Baby aka Granny girl went home to Rainbow Ridge last December 4th. I miss her so much everyday. If you look on my blog,
you will see her picture in my Halloween decor. She is wearing her Panthers coat!
Thanks for sharing those cute pictures!! Enjoy your Zeke!! How old is he? I can see he has some gray on his chin chin. My Pebbles who is ll has some gray on her chin!