Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Laura and Mary Ingalls and a Scarecrow

Football player, Majorette, and Old Granny!

Three Happy Children!

 Oh, how I miss this today! But thank you God for the good memories!

May your Halloween be full of treats and no tricks!!!

Letters to Avo #4

August 29, 1923

My dear friend,      Will write you a few lines this rainy day, I am lonesome and have the blues too. How are you all? I have been going to Green Hill to preaching, it began Sunday but I haven't seen Roy since Thursday. I saw him at the fair, he is still as cute as ever tho I believe he has found him another girl that he likes better than he does me but he said that he didn't. But I told him, that if he did that was alright but he said that he was just going with her for a good time but I don't know. I think more of him than any boy I ever went with. Wish you was up here to go to preaching with me, we have Prof. Grissom there doing the singing and Bro. Sam Gentry is preaching. I am hoping that my honey will be there tonight but don't know for he is working in Shelbyville and don't get home til late.
There is an ice cream supper at Fall Creek tonight but I don't reckon I will go. I don't guess you was expecting to hear of L.P. marrying was you? He got a mighty good wife I think. I will close for this time. Answer soon and a long letter too. Come sometime, we would have a nice time.
From your friend Elizabeth

Poor Elizabeth, Still pining over that cute lil' boy.

Well, I reckon I had better get some work done around Happy Acres!

Merry Monday to you all!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Road Trip

Last week I grabbed these:
And this:

And hit this:

And ended up here:

Where we saw this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

And then we went here:

And here:

Where I saw this:

And this:

And then I opened this:

And saw where this lovely lady:

and this lovely lady:

had also been here:

And ate here in Franklin, so
we did too:

Then went here:

Where I bought this:

And went next door to here:

Where I bought this:

Which I then took here:

And then proclaimed this:

The End!

A special thanks to Flea Market Style magazine for letting us copy your road trip, and to friends Angie and Lisa for providing the fellowship and fun.( And may you forgive me for the pic that I put up of you!)

Hope your Weekend is Wonderful!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Just thought I would show you a picture of my clean kitchen. Don't ya wish we lived in a world where once something was clean it stayed that way? A girl can dream can't she!

My new truck making its debut!

Still got more Cleanting and Cleanting (as Madea would say) to do.

Many Fall Blessings to you on this Thursday!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday Sharing

Last Friday I got to go to the Nashville Flea Market by myself. It was so peaceful and relaxing just browsing at my own pace and seeing all of the fantastic junk! I bought this old Gordons Snack display rack.

It is hard to decorate because of its sloping shelves. But now I have a reason for more shopping!

Do you see my new napkin there! Red Dots and Cherries...OH MY!

Well I hope you have a Terrific Tuesday! I have to get back to my fall cleaning!( After only getting finished with half of my kitchen yesterday, I really shouldn't ever shop again!)

I am Linking up to Cutie Pie Cottage's Dotty Hop Day and Rednesday!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Letters to Avo #3

July 2, 1923

Dear Avo:
Will try to write you a few lines this morn. We are all well and hope these few lines will find you all the same. Where are you going the 4th? I want to go to Shelbyville if I can get anyone to go with me. Roy and L.P. and 3 or 4 more boys are going to Sulphur Spring down below Murfreesboro and I am not going for it is to far.
Well we had a wedding up here the other day. Florand M.  and Louis F. got married, he is a widower with two little girls. Think she must have wanted to marry. Well, Roy hasn't been to see me in two Sunday's, don't know what is the matter though he was here both Sunday mornings to work on his car and to get a haircut but he didn't come in the house and I didn't get to talk with him any. I am expecting a letter from him this week. He sure is cute and is the sweetest boy or at least I think he is. But he is awful little, everybody calls him Shorty. Well, I will close for this time.What is Josephine doing? I would give anything to see her. Come to see us sometime if you can run the car. Answer soon. Bye Bye.   Elizabeth

"Shorty" goes to her house but won't go in to see her. Hmm...whats up with that?

Going to "Fall" clean the kitchen today. It is WAY overdue!

Happy Monday!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall Scenes

Just a few Fall shots on this "Frost on the Punkin" Saturday. Finally got my mantle ready for Autumn. I still need a fall picture for it though. This one is a little "Springy"!

Borrowed a little cotton from across the road! They harvested it yesterday! So Sad!

My friend Lisa's Autumn Decor.

Love the Kitty Kat Pumpkin!

Hope you enjoy your weekend. Happy Autumn!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Little Corner in My Kitchen

Sorry for the blurry pictures. Thought I would share another little area of my kitchen.

All the things that make me happy! (Minus the ugly coffeemaker that I removed from the picture!) Although, in the mornings, it does make me smile!)

Old Maxwell House Coffee jar is my favorite! 

Oh wait, maybe the Apple Pie Spice is my favorite!

Going on another Girls Day Out with my 2 best friends today! So excited!

Linking up to Farmhouse Friday!

I hope your Thursday is full of Joy!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sweet Children's Writing Paper

 I have always adored old children's toys, books, and such. Years ago I stumbled upon this at the Nashville Flea Market.
Love the kittens and puppies!
 It contains the sheets to write on and the envelopes to mail Grandma that sweet, little thank you note!

Sweet Umbrella!

Polka Dots and Flowers!
Puppy Love!

 And some Teddy Bears!

 I love the tiny envelopes! 

This puppy has been busy writing notes!

                                A note for you!

The Back Side!

       It fits perfectly in my new desk cubbyhole! Finally a place to display it!
         Hope your day is full of  Gods Goodness and Grace!

Since I finally have some dots I am linking to Cutie Pie Cottage's  Dottie Hop Day and Rednesday!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Letters to Avo #2

May 21, 1923

Mrs. Avo Thompson:  My dear friend. Will take the greatest of pleasure in answering your most  kind and welcome letter, received a few days past. Was glad indeed to hear from you, hope you are all well. I am just fine but have had the blues because Roy hasn't been in three weeks until yesterday he came and you bet I was glad to see him for he is the cutest boy I ever saw. Tho he had been here 2 or 3 times through the week on some business with L.P. and they have been going to Murfreesboro to see some girls I reckon but he told me that he wasn't going back anymore as long as he could go with me and I told him that if he did go back I wouldn't go with him any more and I think I have got him scared up. He said that it seemed like 3 years since he had been with me instead of 3 weeks, and it seemed like that long to me too for he had been coming every Sunday, I guess we will go to Murfreesboro Sunday if nothing happens. I heard about Oris being  dead and I sure did hate to hear of it, he is my cousin. I went to Shelbyville last Monday and got me a new dress, it is swiss organdy but I haven't made it yet, want to make it tomorrow and I got me a gingham dress today from the peddler, it is yellow check. Well, I guess I had better close as I have got to write to my darling. ha ha  Answer soon. From love friend Elizabeth

             Happy Monday!