Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Let's Eat!

 On Saturday when I brought in my new chalkboard easel, It caused quite a stir in my kitchen! A whole lot of things switching places goin' on.  I ended up moving this little wire tray to a spot above my stove. The seed boxes that I usually keep in there would not survive the steam, so I needed something new.

I found three old gold frames bought from a yardsale and spray painted them red. Then I needed something to go in the frames. I decided to spell out EAT with the pages of an old dictionary. You could copy the pages, but I just tore them out and used them that way.

 If I ever get my house clean I will take a picture of it in its spot on the wall. Lately I had rather decorate my house than clean it!  

May you have a very blessed Wednesday!

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Mecky said...

That is a really cute idea!
I would rather decorate than clean, too. I keep hoping I wake up to find that some little elves have dusted for me over night, but still nothing yet!

Thank you for dropping by my blog!


LV said...

Very creative idea. You did a super job on all your new arrangements.

Hope said...

Hi Sandie! Just found your blog and I love it!! Beautiful pictures and lots of my favorite colors! I'm sure I'll be visiting here a lot! :)