Monday, October 24, 2011

Letters to Avo #3

July 2, 1923

Dear Avo:
Will try to write you a few lines this morn. We are all well and hope these few lines will find you all the same. Where are you going the 4th? I want to go to Shelbyville if I can get anyone to go with me. Roy and L.P. and 3 or 4 more boys are going to Sulphur Spring down below Murfreesboro and I am not going for it is to far.
Well we had a wedding up here the other day. Florand M.  and Louis F. got married, he is a widower with two little girls. Think she must have wanted to marry. Well, Roy hasn't been to see me in two Sunday's, don't know what is the matter though he was here both Sunday mornings to work on his car and to get a haircut but he didn't come in the house and I didn't get to talk with him any. I am expecting a letter from him this week. He sure is cute and is the sweetest boy or at least I think he is. But he is awful little, everybody calls him Shorty. Well, I will close for this time.What is Josephine doing? I would give anything to see her. Come to see us sometime if you can run the car. Answer soon. Bye Bye.   Elizabeth

"Shorty" goes to her house but won't go in to see her. Hmm...whats up with that?

Going to "Fall" clean the kitchen today. It is WAY overdue!

Happy Monday!


Mecky said...

Really. What is up with that? I would be very upset.

Have fun Fall Cleaning!

Mecky said...
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Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Ha-ha! I love this girl!

Come say hi for Dotty Hop Day! ♥