Monday, October 31, 2011

Letters to Avo #4

August 29, 1923

My dear friend,      Will write you a few lines this rainy day, I am lonesome and have the blues too. How are you all? I have been going to Green Hill to preaching, it began Sunday but I haven't seen Roy since Thursday. I saw him at the fair, he is still as cute as ever tho I believe he has found him another girl that he likes better than he does me but he said that he didn't. But I told him, that if he did that was alright but he said that he was just going with her for a good time but I don't know. I think more of him than any boy I ever went with. Wish you was up here to go to preaching with me, we have Prof. Grissom there doing the singing and Bro. Sam Gentry is preaching. I am hoping that my honey will be there tonight but don't know for he is working in Shelbyville and don't get home til late.
There is an ice cream supper at Fall Creek tonight but I don't reckon I will go. I don't guess you was expecting to hear of L.P. marrying was you? He got a mighty good wife I think. I will close for this time. Answer soon and a long letter too. Come sometime, we would have a nice time.
From your friend Elizabeth

Poor Elizabeth, Still pining over that cute lil' boy.

Well, I reckon I had better get some work done around Happy Acres!

Merry Monday to you all!

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Mecky said...

I agree. Poor Elizabeth. It does sound like he has found someone else he would rather be with but that he doesn't want to break up with Avo yet.