Sunday, October 9, 2011

Letters to Avo

 After I found my desk cubby I needed some old letters to go in it, so of course I headed on over to Candlelight Antiques where I knew I would be able to find some. Much to my delight, one of my favorite booths had a whole box of them. They were addressed to Mrs. Avo Thompson in Chapel Hill, Tennessee and dated 1923.They were from 4 different friends and are a very precious read. One friend however proved to be a tad more entertaining than the others. I thought that I would share these. There is a total of six from her friend Elizabeth from Shelbyville, Tennessee. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Letter # 1, April 1923

Dear Avo: Will write you a few lines this eve. Read your letter some time ago but have been so busy hadn't took time to ans. so pardon me. How are you and ? We are all well. What are you doing these days? I have got me a new hat and slippers and a gingham dress. I am making some tatting to put on some teddys. Do you drive the car? But guess you do. My flowers look very well, haven't had them out of the cellar many days.
We have about 65(?) little chicks and some more to hatch Friday. We have 45 turkey eggs, 21 of them sitting. You was speaking of Florance having a baby. I don't know what it is, I haven't heard anything about it.
It was Roy S. that I was talking about. A crowd of us went to Murfreesboro 2 weeks ago last Sunday in his car and we had a nice time. L.P. and Roy went back last Sunday eve. They went in L.P.s car. He has got him a one seated car. Roy has been going with me a year the 4th Sunday in May and everybody is teasing me about marrying but I don't think it will be soon, ha! ha! Although he has been with me nearly every Sunday. I like him very much and I think he likes me or he says he does. He said If he didn't get me he never was going with another girl. Well I guess I had better close for this time. Write soon and come to see me sometime.
From Elizabeth

I will share letter #2 next week where the saga continues in the romance department!

May God bless you on this Marvelous Monday!


afogg said...

Oh how I do hope they marry!!

Debbie @ said...

HI Sandie, just wanted to tell you I found you because of Pinterest. What a great blog! I hope you are able to fix your blog/comment troubles. I know it is frustrating...but playing around with it and going to their helps site helped me a couple of times. Anyhow, I will be back for more visiting!

Mecky said...

Going together for a year and they only say they like eachother. I do hope they fall in love!

Cindy said...

I am so glad I found your blog this morning! I love old diaries and letters from the 30's and
40's. So much can be learned from them. Cute blog and can't wait to read more!

Chenille Cottage said...

Yes, Elizabeth is quite the dreamer...especially in regard to that handsome beau she dwells on. You have discovered a wonderful slice of life through the starry eyes of a hopelessly in love country girl.