Monday, November 7, 2011

Letters to Avo #5

Oct. 10, 1923
My Dear Avo:   Will try to ans. your letter rec'd some time ago. Was glad indeed to hear from you. How are you all? We are all well and trust this will find you all the same.  What have you been doing these old days? I have been picking cotton. We have picked out a little over 4 thousand and sold it. Just got 10 cents a pound. Willie Mai and me have sold 4 hundred and will have about 2 hundred more and we will think we are rich! ha ha!
I haven't got me anything new for winter yet but guess I will before very long. You spoke of going to Henry G.s to a singing. Is he Johnny W.s half brother? If he is I know him for he and Johnny was at my house at a party last winter. Do you ever see Alma? What is Tig doing? I think she is cute.
Roy came Sunday and we went to Whitesides to preaching. He has quit going to see that other girl and has been to see me for the last 4 or 5 Sundays. He said that girl thought that he was crazy about her and he said that he just went with her to have a good time and I think he must have had it from what he says about it. Listen, I will tell you something if you don't say anything about it. Roy and me are going to marry real soon! That is if we don't put it off and don't guess we will. He sure is a sweet boy or at least I think he is. But Mama and all the rest of them here don't like him at all, but if he suits me, why should they worry? I am the one to be pleased.
Well, I will close for this time as I have to write to Roy. Answer soon and a long letter.  From Elizabeth.

Oh what a soap opera we have going on! Do you think they will get married or should Elizabeth listen to her mother? Hmm. Tune in next week for the finale of  "As Shelbyville Turns".

Happy Monday! 


Mecky said...

I think the secret is out now! LOL. She told her secret without waiting ro find out if Avo would share the news or not!!

I wonder if they do get married.

I didn't know they had As the World Turns in 1923?

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Oh dear! I have a feeling she goes her own way but doesn't end up being pleased! ♥

Laura said...

Joni from Old Centennial Farmhouse sent me here! Love your blog. Love all your cute stuff!