Friday, November 18, 2011

New Spice Rack

 Last week I made a fast run to an antique store since I was "In Town". I ran upon such a good deal that I could not leave it behind!(See I told you I don't always leave the bargains for someone else!)

This old spice rack was just  $25.00! I have decided to keep it for now. But as you can see the jars are dirty. I have been deciding whether to remove the labels or not. I think I will remove them and just get the new ones on Ebay.

I have put it above my stove. Not sure that I like it there or not. Wondering if the heat from the stove will affect the spices. I would like to use them. Hmm, I forgot to get Dear John to level my stove. That will be a good job for him today!

Whew! This week has been a doozy! Dalton ended up having surgery yesterday to have a Pilonidal Cyst removed, so now we have about two months of  packing an open wound! Fun, Fun.

Happy Friday to You!!!


Mecky said...

Good Morning
I hope Dalton has a fast recovery.

That is a great set of spice jars and a GREAT price! Yes, the heat will ruin your spices plus you will have to fight to keep them from getting grimey if you leave them by the stove. But they look cute there.
I think if you are going to use them, a new set of labels would be nice.

Sandy said...

This was an incredible deal! I ahve a dsmaller set with a red plastic holder, and yes, Ebay does have a seller that can get you new labels, and If I am not mistaken they can be different designs even, if you don't want the tops are red....GREAT place for them too, this way you'll use them!

My Vintage Mending said...

Sandy has done some remarkable redo's on these kind of spice containers...keep them! What a deal. These suckers go for 25.00 a container here. You are a lucky duck. Blessings to all and a great recovery...smiles...Renee

The Old-Fashioned Housewife said...

Hey Sandie I am totally coveting (in a good way) your find. They are Gorgeous! I love milk glass stuff and I would totally use that spice rack. Im new to your blog so Im not sure who Dalton is but I am sorry ot hear about this cyst removal and I pray for complete recovery! blessings!