Friday, December 16, 2011

Elf Ornament

One of my favorite ornaments that I have made was for Dalton's 1st grade class 11 years ago. My how time flies! 

I took pictures of each child against a white background and had them blown up at the printers. I rubber cemented  their face onto a round wooden circle purchased from the craft shop and I painted one side green.(You could probably use poster board or cardboard). I made a template for the hat and collar and cut out 2 hats, 1 edging of hat, and 2 collars.  Glued them onto the circle, flipped the hat through  the cord, glued and added a pom pom!

Here is the back to show how I glued one collar and hat on the back and one on the front with Tacky Glue. This ornament still looks like the day I made it and it makes me so happy each year that I pull it out and see Dalton's sweet smile!

I believe if I were making them again I would reverse the colors so that it would show up on my green tree a little better!

 Happy Weekend and Merry Christmas from Dalton the Elf!

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Lynn said...

This is so cute! I am going to make them but I am going to make them with pictures of the furbabies!! thanks for the ideal!
Merry Christmas! Hope Zeke is feeling better. Any news on the knot on his belly?

~~Carol~~ said...

Those little kneehugger elves are some of my favorite decorations, so I really love this cute idea!

My Vintage Mending said...

Just as cute as can be! Merry Christmas...Renee