Thursday, December 22, 2011

A McDougall Christmas

       Some people have Hoosier Cabinets but I had to be different. I have a McDougall! Actually, I didn't choose it. Daddy gave me this cabinet right after I married some 25 years ago. I cherish his gifts. Here are its Christmas decorations.

Here is the same tool box that I have shown before. I just changed out the frames with vintage Christmas Cards.

A brooch in my little bird nest. I found this nest this summer in my holly tree. It is so tiny I wonder if it is a hummingbirds nest. The little white ribbon paper was in it naturally.

My Ironstone Pitchers. The one on the left came from my father in laws Aunt. It sat in the garage and one day my mother in law asked me if I wanted that old thing! Uh, Yeah! The other two were found in Mississippi . I love the big round one!

I have been baking a little and working a puzzle which is a Steadman Christmas Tradition. Hope you are enjoying your days leading up to Christmas!


My Vintage Mending said...

Love all your touches. We are working on a puzzle as well. Merry Christmas...Renee

Mecky said...

I would love to see more of your cabinet!!! I am a Hoosier Hoarder. The first one I refinished is a McDougall. I wanted one that looked like the one on the Wal-ton's.
That is so wonderful that your dad gave it to you! How cool is that?
The framed Christmas pictures are a cute idea!
I really like the gingham ornaments on top with the pitchers. The day after Thanksgiving, I found a box of them at the big antique mall in my area. I passed on them and regretted it. When I went back, they were gone. I don't know where my thing for red gingham came from, but it makes me smile.
Merry Christmas

Lynn said...

Your home is amazing!! Love, everything about it! Has Zeke's package arrived??

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Love how you have your light bulbs nose up! I've had so much fun playing with mine! ♥

labbie1 said...

I always love your decor! Right up my alley! Perfect!

That little nest is adorable with the brooch.

Merry Christmas!