Sunday, December 11, 2011

Prayers Please!

Today my oldest daughter Casey will be driving along with her friends from Mississippi to Keystone Colorado. Way too far of a drive for this Mama. If you can will you please just whisper up a prayer for safety on this long journey!

This is Casey on the right at her sister's high school graduation last May.
Casey has only 1 more semester before she will wear her own gown as a Mississippi State University graduate! Go Dawgs!

Have a great trip Case but I will be worried the whole time you are there. Its just the Mama in me!

Thanks for your prayers!

Sunday Blessings to you all!


Laura said...

Someone I know with younger kids once asked her sister with grown kids, "When do you stop worrying about your kids?" A Mama will never stop worrying. That's our job.

afogg said...

Praying for Casey!! Love her and her mama very much!!