Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Got Milk?

A few Christmas decorations are slowly making their appearances here in the Steadman household.
I am not very good at Christmas decorating and it's being a real struggle this year.

My old yellow truck is delivering fresh, ice cold milk to the Thatch community!( Ignore the new HUGE thermostat. If possible.)

Sweet Santa is watching over the Steadman Kiddo's and his Elf Pal is ready to write their names on the naughty or nice list! I bet I know which one they will be on!

I found a vintage coloring book and cut out the back cover and added it to an old frame that I had in the attic.I love big, old Santa faces!!

I am not sure that my Christmas decor will last very long this year anyway since Schrader the Grandkitty has come to visit for the holidays! He is only 6 months old and full of mischief! Zeke the WonderDog  is not very happy to have a visitor!

Oh, I forgot to tell you that it SNOWED here today! Just a good, wet dusting but with big beautiful flakes to start off my morning just right!

Back to decorating! Maybe I will be finished by the Big Day!

Happy REDNESDAY Friends!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Musings

Good Morning! Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving Day!

We had a nice and peaceful day with good food and family!

Thought I would share a few pics from a friend that I visited last week.

I love the Old Dutch cleansers. If they weren't so high I may have tried to sneak one home!

Still working on Christmas at Happy Acres! I am really not good at Christmas decorating, so it is a slow go.

Hope your Monday is Marvelous! 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's Time!

Can you see it?


Over there...

On the door...

Yes, that wreath. That's what I am talking about.

My one and only Christmas decoration.

Hmm...Looks like it's time to get my Christmas on!

Wonderful Weekend Wishes!

Friday, November 25, 2011

My coffee pot runneth over!

Last night after finally returning home from a wonderful Thanksgiving Day of food and family, I was treated to a nice little ol' surprise!

I clicked over to my blog and the number of visitors had quadrupled rupled trupled! OH MY WORD!

I thought trouble was a brewing!

But no there was no trouble, just a sweet lady named Brenda from Cozy Little House had included me on Welcome Wagon Friday!!!!

A special thank you to Brenda and all my new visitors!

Hope you weren't disappointed!

Happy Black Friday and may your "Bargains" be plentiful!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Greetings!

 From our home to yours....

...many sweet...


...and blessings for you all on this day!

I am thankful for all my new followers and friends that have joined me in this new blog adventure!

May the LORD bless thee, and keep thee. Numbers 6:24


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cabinet Tins

Can you believe that there are still items in my kitchen that I haven't blogged about? I have cabinets that do not go all the way to the ceiling. Until I change that, I have a few tins and such sitting on top.

My friend gave me my Wise potato chip container. Don't ya wish chips still came in this type of package? For the cost of them these days, they really should!

The sausage tin is such a favorite of mine. One day I had wandered over to my favorite Candlelight Antiques and while browsing through I came upon a man shopping and he had a tin in his hand examining it closely. I was secretly wishing that he would put it back on the shelf! And you guessed it, HE DID!  I love the red and green on it! (I heard that he went back looking for it! Oops!)

Close up shot of my bubble tin. I wonder what this once held.

Our two daughters  have made it home from college and  the house is once again loud and lively! But so thankful  that we can all be together for the holiday.

Hope your Rednesday is wonderful! 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Cherry Napkins

The other day I found these cherry napkins for a song and a dance. I have been looking for a runner for this table and decided the napkins might work. I think I like them!

Sorry to show this area again, but today I am busy decorating our church for Christmas!

Hopefully, I will be back on by Wednesday with some better photos!

Hugs from Alabama!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Prayers Needed

       Just a quick post to remind you to pray for Katie! She and her family really need our prayers!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

New Obsession

Vintage Umbrellas have found their way into my heart!

Happy Weekend Wishes!

Friday, November 18, 2011

New Spice Rack

 Last week I made a fast run to an antique store since I was "In Town". I ran upon such a good deal that I could not leave it behind!(See I told you I don't always leave the bargains for someone else!)

This old spice rack was just  $25.00! I have decided to keep it for now. But as you can see the jars are dirty. I have been deciding whether to remove the labels or not. I think I will remove them and just get the new ones on Ebay.

I have put it above my stove. Not sure that I like it there or not. Wondering if the heat from the stove will affect the spices. I would like to use them. Hmm, I forgot to get Dear John to level my stove. That will be a good job for him today!

Whew! This week has been a doozy! Dalton ended up having surgery yesterday to have a Pilonidal Cyst removed, so now we have about two months of  packing an open wound! Fun, Fun.

Happy Friday to You!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Sorry but just one more bird picture. This summer we had this silly, little sparrow who enjoyed sleeping in the birdseed!
I finally captured a photo of him dozing inside the Folger's can. He would open one eye every now and then. Once finished napping he would hop up and eat some more!

Since that photo showed how badly the cage needed cleaning, I am throwing in these pics! I added a few plates and got a new can.

 I like the Old Judge can better seeing as it has an owl on it and all! (Sorry, but I love adding "and all" on the end of sentences in Honor of Mrs. Betty from my church. She ends most of her sentences with an "and all")

Hope you are enjoying your Thursday and all!

Special Visitor!

Look at my first visitor to my new bird feeder!(Just added the coffee can filled with seed. The scale has hung there for a while now.) I was enjoying everyone's blogs when I heard chirping. So I slowly crept into the kitchen and there he was! I just love cardinals! So excited that he stayed around for a photo. I am looking forward to much bird watching this winter through my kitchen window!

How about you? Do you enjoy feeding the birdies?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wednesday Reds!

Our kitchen entry from the garage. I have to be careful and put unbreakables in this area since everyone tends to knock things off of my little chest as they enter with groceries and such! The "Rise and Shine Rooster" was painted by my dear mother, who decided a couple of years ago that she wanted to learn to paint on gourds. I think she did an excellent job!

I just adore this children's cookbook from 1955. It has the sweetest pictures in it! Just the little sifter alone makes my heart swoon! Oh, and the sugar canister! Wish I could find one just like it.

Happy Rednesday Everyone!

Steadman "Infirmary"

Just checking in between  doctor's appointments. Casey, my oldest, had to have a wisdom tooth that had become infected removed this morning. Dalton has developed a Pilonidal Cyst over the weekend and will be having that removed this afternoon, and Callie is texting me from the Doctor's office and thinks she has the flu! When it rains it pours!

And with that all said, It could be worse! Please click over to This Blog to pray for Katie! Thanking God today for doctors and knowledge and God's grace to take away pain and cancer. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Letters to Avo~The Finale

Nov. 11, 1923

My dear Avo;
I will write you a few lines this eve., as I am so lonesome and no where to go and no one to come to see me. I have something to tell you. Roy came to see me the 4th Sunday in Oct. for the last time. And today was the day that we was to have married. You bet we had a big fuss. I had heard a lot on him so I got after him about it. Tho he didn't get very mad at me. He said that he still loved me and couldn't help it and I told him that I couldn't marry him and he said that if I didn't want to marry it was alright and said that he could get that other girl he had been going with. He said that she was a fool about him, but he didn't love her as well as he did me. And I told him that I guess if he wanted to marry he would have to take her, but I sure did hate to tell him that for I really did love that boy. I had been going with him so long and hadn't found him out til we was almost ready to marry. You bet I hated it. So he hopped up and married yesterday as a week ago Nov. 3rd. He had to steal her and runaway but I am glad he is married and hope him much happiness in his life to come. He has been married once before and left his wife and he told me himself that he wouldn't live with no woman very long at a time. And he said that when he married he wasn't going to quit going with other girls. Don't you say anything about what I have told you, I sure would hate to be in his wife's place. Now don't think that I got fooled for I didn't.
I hadn't got me a thing new, only a pair of slippers and I had to have them for I was barefooted. I wasn't aiming to marry after I heard so much so I just waited til he come. He hadn't been in 2 weeks so he wrote me a letter and said that he would come the 4th Sunday and he did, and I told him what I had to tell him. But it sure was hard. I think I will go to town one day this week and get me a new coat and some other things. Well, I guess I had better close for this time. Answer soon. From your friend, Elizabeth.

Oh, poor Elizabeth! Or maybe not. I wonder what happened to her?  Did she ever find her one true love? Oh, how I hope so.
I believe the moral of this story is... Listen to your mother!!! Oh how love can blind us sometimes!

I hope you enjoy your Monday!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Weekend Wishes

Do y'all love old metal dish drainers as much as I do? I have a hard time leaving them in the store when I see them. Can't be too greedy now can I? Do you ever leave a great item at a great price just so someone else can find it? How about a great parking spot? Now, not always, but sometimes I do those things just imagining how happy someone else will be to get them! 

I hope you have a Wonderful Weekend!

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Salute To All Veterans

A sweet little storybook from 1961.

And the last page in the book...

Freedom Is a Wonderful Thing! Today I would like to thank each and every veteran who has had a hand in any way to allow us this freedom.Thank you for your service! May God Bless you today in a special way!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Exit This Way

Thank you for visiting today friends!  What's that you say? Can't stay long? Gotta get on your way? Oh well, now that our visit is over you may exit this way.
Watch your step as you avoid the stack of picnic baskets that I have turned into a sweet, little table.

Why don't you stay a bit longer and we can play a good old fashioned game of monopoly!

We could grind us up some coffee in this old coffee grinder given to me by my sweet daddy. Oh dear, it looks like we will have to remove the old game pieces first!

You can't stay! Oh drat! Well maybe these three little pics will put a smile on your face to light your way!

 I really enjoyed your visit! Y'all be careful on your journey home and come back soon now ya hear!

Joining in on the party  Rednesday and Vintage Thingie Thursday!