Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Little Piddlies

The Little Piddlies.  Do you use the word Piddly in your neck of the woods?  It is a fun word to say!
 Piddly, Piddly, Piddly.  See, I bet you smiled!

Piddly #1- 1902 cookbook in bad shape but good enough to frame the cover and cook the Chocolate Fudge recipe that is in it! Yum!

Piddly # 2- A brand new whisk broom. This one is already in my booth @Simply Yesterday!

 Piddlies #3 and #4- Samples of Brillo and an old slide great for displaying pictures, valentines, and such!

Piddlies #5 and #6- A box of Gulf Wax and my very favorite...Hair pins for dolls! Who knew! I missed out on Hair Pins for Dolls???? How could my mother let this happen! ;)

Oh well, Life does go on! And I forgive you Mother! Gotta go. Got some Piddlin' to do!

Happy Day to One and All!

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My Vintage Mending said...

Well we always piddled around as kids. Perhaps the cutest of them mother's good friend growing up was named Tressy. I have always wondered where the name came from. Perhaps it came from long tresses of hair? Smiles...Renee

Candy said...

Sandie, Of course I had to come check out your blog after your comment on mine. LOVE IT.
I piddle around waaay too much. Is this a southern word only?
Hey, I came through Ardmore last night....stopped and peeked into the window of one shop....Country somthing, I think. Where is the shop that your booth is in? I'll have to go back to Ardmore when things are open. Hope to see you soon again at Candy's Memories.

Ann said...

I really like all your piddlies-yes we use that word here in Kansas. How adoreable bobby pins for dolls-I missed out on that one too. Happy Rednesday.

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Piddle but not piddlies. I say "I'm piddling around" all the time. My husband thinks it's funny and says it sound like "potty". Oh well, I think I learned that word from my SIL!

Well, I like your piddlies! When do we get to see pics of your booth! ♥

LV said...

Those are all great vintage treasures. You should feature them on Vintage Thursday.

Laurel Leaf Cottage said...

I love all your goodies!! 'Specially the Tressy pins!! Thanks for reminding me I need to put brillo pads on my shopping list!! Have a super great day! xx ~Deanna

Mecky said...

They sell those little bobby pins again. My DD brought some home recently!

I really enjoy those old cookbooklets. I use to pick them up for hardly anything and would enjoy going through them. Now some of them go pretty high! Aren't they fun, though?

I remember those little whisk brooms. My dad always kept one in his car.

❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

Yep, my generation used the term "piddle" but I don't hear it as much anymore.
That cookbook cover would make a great framed pic in the's too cute.
I've never heard of the bobby pins for dolls either!!! I think it must have been a conspiracy, Sandie :)
I remember my dad always having a whisk broom. I think I need to get one for my car!! It sure needs it...ha.
I am always amazed at all your neat little finds, Sandie!

Amy @ with a Vintage Twist said...

More fun things as usual. It's time to visit Simply Yesterdays again! Renee reminds me that my grandparents had a neighbor named Tressy. Maybe that will be the next trendy name for baby girls.

Marilyn said...

In Australia, 'piddle' means to urinate... the first time I read on a blog that a lady went piddling all round her backyard, I was fascinated.... I commented and told her what it meant here and I think I may have upset her as she never answered me back... lol.
I love your cute blog btw.

Sandie said...

Oh how funny Marilyn! If I ever get to visit Australia, I better watch out what words I use! Glad you dropped in! (That means visited my blog! ;)