Thursday, March 29, 2012

A visit to Tennessee

Well...After a weekend of flea marketing, two days of college softball watching, a Mississippi day trip, a day of working in the landscaping, and finally feeling better after over a week of being in a lot of pain from what I think may be an ulcer. I am finally ready to face the world again. ;)

Angie and I celebrated this early Spring weather with a trip to Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. We had the pleasure of visiting Candy at her sweet antique shoppe called Candy's Memories. If you are ever close to Lawrenceburg, it will be worth your while to pay her a visit! And, of course, you will want to mosey on over to her blog and keep up with all her Pickin and Paintin Adventures!

Candy keeps the front of her store decorated so cute and I spied something right away that I could never again live without having...

This sweet baby stroller! I picked up a fern on the way home and put in it but just think of all the cool things you can set on it.

I moved it around to the old playhouse to get a picture of it! And yes, that is a weed in my old washtub! No flower planting going on just yet.

Do y'all see what I see? I think Mrs. Chicken has her eye on the new stroller!

Yep, I knew it! She wants to be taken for a spin around the yard!

Okay, okay. Hang on Mrs. Chicken! It may be a bumpy ride!

Hope your day has been as great and relaxing as mine! Blessings from Alabama!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Flea Market Goodies

A few of the goodies that I got today from the Nashville Flea Market.

A tall drawer to paint and use in our booth for displays.

A chicken feeder and  an old cash drawer.

I could not resist this sweet Magic Window coloring book.

I love the blue gingham inside!

I bought several books. They seem to sell very well.

I am afraid that I will have to keep this one with the pies in the window and the sweet broom!

An older Little Golden Book.

This tray in my favorite shade of green that is not showing up. 

I wonder if it was for a display. But I secretly hope it was a car hop tray. Or in this case a "Chicken Feeder" tray! ;)

My Favorite of the Day. A Cosco metal stool with its original paint. The seat raises for it to become a ladder.

As you can see it needs a little scrubbing before it can go to our booth.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Friday and I can't wait to see all your new weekend finds!

Happy Birthday

Today is Dear John's Birthday. This was one of a  few pics that I could find of him smiling. He doesn't smile often. I spend a lot of time just trying to make him laugh and boy do I celebrate when I do! I think he is so handsome! 

Happy 49th  Birthday John T.  I love you! ;)

Monday, March 19, 2012


Sorry but with 80 degree March temperatures and Dear John away on a business trip for 9 days, I had to go MIA in order to get some projects completed here at the old home place!


Been cleaning the kitchen a little today and started rearranging my Coca Cola box on my counter. Thought I would share some pics!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Proceed with Caution!

I have spent this beautiful Spring day mowing our yard and organizing my projects in the garage. Thought I would take a picture for you.  I am not sure why, but here goes.

The good...(well. sort of)...

The bad...

And the UGLY!

The umbrella stand is for our church and needs cleaning up. The small white table needed a little sanding and repainting. The purple nightstand will be painted and sold. The cabinet and the desk  will  be cleaned and painted (not painting the Sellers's hoosier top) to go into our booth for displays.  But the legs. What should I do with the legs? They stand up by themselves. 

I trashpicked them Sunday afternoon, along with the bench they are standing on, and also several other small items. Just why did I get them? I have no clue. I just couldn't leave them behind! 

How about you? Do you ever trashpick?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Auction Find

I attended an estate auction just down the road from me this past Saturday and finally found something that fit perfectly in one of my squares of my coffee table drawer.

When I first saw this little cagey thing I knew that I would have to bid for it.

I was surprised to get it at such a reasonable cost.

Love the handle!

I knew it was a bird cage but just wasn't so sure what is was for since it was so tiny. After I got it the guy in front of me made sure I knew what is was and he was correct! A miners bird cage. I still need to scrub it clean. 

Here's to a Happy Tuesday!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Some Day

Thursday was spent with 1 very good old friend.

My dear friend Angie. She is the skinny one but I am the pretty and funny one! ;)

And 1 very good new friend!

None other than Joni from Old Centennial Farmhouse! A wonderful blog produced by a wonderful person. I hope she had as much fun as Angie and I did.

We went antiquing and Fried Pickle eating and we were even lucky enough to get to meet her lovely daughter and niece and her 2 beautiful grandchildren. What a blessing!


..."Some Day" I will get to spend the day with all of my other favorite bloggers.

We will have some snacks.

These chips are priced just right and so delicious. I will be sure to serve you some.

Of course we will have a few soft drinks. Sundrop is our drink of choice. What is yours?

Maybe you would just prefer some coffee. And "Hot Coffee"  is definitely the way to go!

Don't worry about that coffee breath. I will send you home with some Beech-Nut gum. Take a few!  I won't charge my usual penny.

Now don't forget to "Set the Clock" up tomorrow. I would sure hate for you to be late for our visit! I am looking forward to meeting you all!

A quick prayer request for Joni as she returned home today and left her grandchildren and daughter and son in law here in Bama. I know that was a hard journey to take.

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Grape Juice Anyone?

A few things that I have found lately.

Bought this baking powder on eBay. It is not but about 20 years old but I still like it.

Lard box found locally at Champagne Lane in Athens Alabama. Isn't that Southern Belle a cutie pie!

A favorite of mine. A sample sized peanut butter tin. An eBay win.

I wonder how Peter Pan peanut butter doesn't stick to the roof of one's mouth. Hmm... Is this true?

This grape juice brand is Hoppy's Favorite. Just who is Hoppy?

I love anything with a picture of a lady on it. Isn't she pretty!

Have I ever shown this little farmhouse child's table? The legs fold up on it. It was a Christmas gift from my soul mate Angie. She knows me like a book!

 We got a little ol' adventure planned tomorrow with a famous blogger you all surely know. So excited!

Hope your Wednesday has been grand.

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Monday, March 5, 2012

A Special Day

Today is a Special Day!

The day this precious little girl came into this world several years ago.

I love this picture of her in her knickers and keds.

Happy Birthday Momma!

I love you!