Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Grape Juice Anyone?

A few things that I have found lately.

Bought this baking powder on eBay. It is not but about 20 years old but I still like it.

Lard box found locally at Champagne Lane in Athens Alabama. Isn't that Southern Belle a cutie pie!

A favorite of mine. A sample sized peanut butter tin. An eBay win.

I wonder how Peter Pan peanut butter doesn't stick to the roof of one's mouth. Hmm... Is this true?

This grape juice brand is Hoppy's Favorite. Just who is Hoppy?

I love anything with a picture of a lady on it. Isn't she pretty!

Have I ever shown this little farmhouse child's table? The legs fold up on it. It was a Christmas gift from my soul mate Angie. She knows me like a book!

 We got a little ol' adventure planned tomorrow with a famous blogger you all surely know. So excited!

Hope your Wednesday has been grand.

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Anonymous said...

WHO is Hoppy?! You can't be serious! Didn't you ever watch Hopalong Cassidy on TV when you were a kid? If you're too young to remember him, ask your Mother. Barbara in Mn

Anonymous said...

I hope that I didn't sound snarky! Hoppy was the original self-promoter. His licensed name and photo appeared on everything from bread wrappers & milk bottles to furniture and rugs - not just cowboy toys, like Roy Rogers did. He's very collectible, but may have peaked in the 1990s. He always wore black but he was the Good Guy! Barbara

EllenaElizabeth said...

Great finds. I'm just the same when I get out and buy some cute little items like that. Thanks for sharing. ps none of those brands are familiar to me at all as I'm from Australia.

Sandy said...

So cute, all of them! I remember the Peter Pan logo, I agree, of course it sticks to the roof of your mouth, especially on bread!....I still buy Peter Pan, it is the only PB I like...much more flavor than Skippy! :)

Anonymous said...

Another fun fact about Hoppy : at the end of his broadcast- or movies, I don't remember which - he would "talk" to us kids and tell us things like, Mind our parents, work hard in school, and go to Sunday School! It was just like your favorite uncle talking to you. Can you imagine such a thing today? Barbara ( I'll get off my soap box now.)

My Vintage Mending said...

I love Barbara. She is great. Beautiful glass container but that Peter Pan tin does me in. By the way, I need a soul mate with a table like that. How sweet it is! Have a great day tomorrow...smiles...Renee

Sandie said...

Thanks Barbara for all of that info. I googled him after your comment and it said that he sponsored 2,400 products. Very interesting. I really never knew that he was called Hoppy. I am going to be on the look out for other Hoppy items. And I wish they would still talk to our children about being a good person instead of glorifying the opposite! And thanks for reading my blog! ;)

craftyles said...

Love the vintage containers, especially the peanut butter sample. Really cute collection!

magie said...

What a lovely collection! I love looking at old food packaging. I like the Peter Pan peanut butter and the Betsy Ross grape juice.
Have a fun day tomorrow, look forward to hearing about it and who the mystery blogger is :)

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Hopalong Cassidy! Haven't seen his face around in a while. What a treat!

Ruby Fruit

Ann said...

Oh my goodness Hopalong Cassidy used to be on Saturday Mornings when my hubby was a boy, he says he NEVER missed it. I would love to find something with him on it.
Enjoyed your visit today.

Little Susie Home Maker said...

Oh, gee, I didn't make the link with Hopalong Cassidy either? These bloggers are all so smart!
I love this collection!

❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

As always, I love your little collectibles!! I've never heard of "derby's" Peter Pan...hmmm. And have never heard of the other brands either, which makes collecting all the more fun!!
And a mystery blogger??? Yay!

Anonymous said...
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Candy said...

Yes, Hopalong Cassidy. I recognized the hat. And, a Petter Pan SAMPLE??? I've never heard of them giving samples. Don't you love the tiny tin???
Can you tell Im spending my afternoon with you (between customers, of course).....when I should be working on my own blog. Thanks Sandy. Im havin a ball thumbing through all your posts. 8-)

temples of grey (betsy) said...

That Betsy Ross grape juice is a puzzler for me, because I was using it to gauge the scale of size on other items. Looked closely, and there are three guesses I have for the size, but which is it?!:
1. One pint, which is 16 ozs.
2. 8 ozs, which is generally one-half pint, which is also, of course, one cup.
3. Wait, or is it 24 ozs, which would be one pint + one cup?

Aack! At worst, they made a major mistake. At best, they mixed two different measuring references by using unit names ("pint") and then exact measure weights/volumes ("ounces").
I'd love to know which it is. Because I was trying to get a feel for that ADORABLE Peter Pan sample!