Monday, January 28, 2013

Facebook Page

Hello everyone! Finally found a minute to check in. We have been undergoing some major renovations here at Happy Acres for the last two months. Due to an incompetent framer we have always had major issues with our floors, that gradually got worse over time. We had to move out of the house so that the entire bottom floor could be removed and joists repaired and the floor replaced. Whoo! What a mess! But the good news is the house  now has hardwood throughout and much needed upgrades. We've still got much painting to go but should finish up within the next two weeks and finally move all the furniture back in! Can't wait! Just a little too old for all this work.

I have started a facebook page that I would like to invite you all to. I appreciate all of my followers through my year of blogging but I have so little time anymore and stay mainly on facebook when on the computer. I will keep my blog open and hopefully find some time one day to post again. But if you have facebook I would love to have you "Like" my page and follow Steadmans' Corner. Thanks and hope to see you there!